Friday, April 22, 2016

Throw Back Comic

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Throw Back Thursday Comic Strip

New Content for Ya Folks! That's Right! Remember You Got It Here From The Perilous Coalition! Click The Link Below!
--> Rule of the day don't leave the house without your crown! You never know whom you will come across that is trying to rob you of
glory or your true purpose. We must always be living our life to the highest of our wisdom while still continuing to learn along the way. It once was said that we are descendants of kings and queens, which makes you royalty. Start living the noble life you were meant to live. First start taking a look at your own personal philosophy. Does it work for you? What things can you improve on? Let me be the first to tell you, if you’re seeing problems that other people have you have them as well. Take that energy that you put into correcting someone else in correcting self. Reflection is required in order to correct self.

Now that you got the knowledge of self and made the necessary adjustments make sure you stick to it.  There’s no point to go throw all the trouble of changing not to change. Live your truth to the fullest. Keep a journal that way you can keep a track of your progress or lack there off. If you know where you are you will know where to start. Try to make this process fun. This is a never-ending task, so be patient and ride the wave of transformation through your journey. Odds are you may hit a few blocks during the beginning of this type of practice. Feel the burn as with any other exercise. Push past discomfort to gain strength in the long run.

When you have mastered this process amazing things will happen in your life. You will be able to defeat your unworthy foes with the least amount of energy. Be on guard! They are coming! They are never ending as well! I think you will be ok though. You have the tools to protect yourself from the naysayers and dream killers. Live full my Mighty Kings and Wise Queens!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


New Content for Ya Folks! That's Right! Remember You Got It Here From The Perilous Coalition! Click The Link Below! Lately I have been very interested in the theory of qi or Chi energy. What is it? Does it really exist? How does one go about controlling the chi in their lives? There are a lot of great books on the topic. I like to think that I'm improving and cleaning my Chi through my yoga practice. Chi translates in English as breath, but the true meaning of this word seems to be much deeper than that. It's the life force that supports us all. Have you ever walked into a room and immediately wanted to run for the hills because of the energy in the room. That energy you are feeling is the great force of Chi. Learning to breathe deep and slowly through the belly is most important in order to cleanse your Chi. Those who practice things like meditation, yoga, qigong and etc. tend to be more balance in their lives.

Wouldn't you like to have more control of the way things are Balance your diet that promotes energy. If your energy is blocked some things that you’re trying to work through are accomplish will never happen because of the energy you are using. You can never solve anything with the same energy you used to get yourself into a mess. Through my research our Chi tends to be blocked by past events that traumatized us in some way. The letting go process is the first step to cleansing your energy and being a balanced individual. Some believe around the world that this energy can be used to heal yourself or another. It would be great to be able to heal someone on the way to work.
going in your life? Of course you do!

I invite you to do your own research and studying on this subject. You will gain deeper insight about yourself and life itself. The center of the universe concept that we have about ourselves will slowly fall away. Absorbed into the nothingness, which is the harmony of the happening, we call life. Feel this energy move in your life and create the most beautiful dreams or terrifying nightmares. Watch your CHI!!!!! You have the power. If you become good enough, you can help other people raise their Chi by using yours

Thursday, March 31, 2016


New Content for Ya Folks! That's Right! Remember You Got It Here From The Perilous Coalition! Click The Link Below! Hello my fellow Dreamers out there! Join the Dream Lord on an update of his
epic journey through realities.  The Dream Lord is facing an enemy that he doesn't understand. Ironically the newly arrived villain knows plenty of the dimension jumping ninja. Have you ever been faced with a problem or person that seemed to know just the right things to do to set you off? Why do you think that is? What if I told you that you have the power to do anything you wish and conquer any challenge that arises in your life. A good place to start developing your inner dream power is to look inside yourself for your own answers. I'm not saying that you shouldn't not learn from others, but rarely people are going to know you. At best a person will only know a story in which they believe is you. Well hell if anyone is going to make my story it will be me. There will be people who will attack your opinions and way of life just because they think they know you. These people are always a danger to be around if one is not aware. One can become disillusioned with reality and actually believe the hateful comments to be truth. If you learn to win from within, you will have more power than you ever dreamed of. Be on the look out people. The war is on. The war for you dreams and futures is a battle that is on going. There is no doubt we will all face our version of Titan in our lifetimes, but remember this villain is also a gift. You will learn so many of your strengths that you didn't know you had and drop all things that don't serve you in order to bring down the Titan. Stay Dreaming my friends. See you at the top!